Games Development portfolio

Personal Projects


The Cabin is a short horror game I made for the Yogscast Game Jam 2020 under the theme 'surprise'. In just 48 hours I completed the game and ended up with over 1000 downloads by the end of the voting period, ranking 1st in popularity amongst 210 games.

The cabin

River Rush is the second mobile game I have released to date.

It is an infinite-runner game with various features such as high-scores and unlockable characters in the form of ships and boats.

River Rush


Colour Correct

Colour Correct is a game which I challenged myself to make and upload to the Google Play Store in under 12 hours. It has very simple mechanics but it taught me a lot about the release process for a mobile application.

My submission for the 2021 Global Game Jam.

Retrieve your artifacts from the dangerous basement of the Partially-Visible University.


Wave Wizards is a game that myself and a friend have been working on for a short while. It's a wave-based tower-defence game where you must protect your gold at all costs.




An experiment into both the challenges of mobile development and the effectiveness of "juice" in making a game feel "good" to play.

With gameplay reminiscent of many infinite-runner titles, it proved an exciting project to work on.

Neon Dodge

This project is a prototype for a Super-Meat boy inspired 2D parkour platformer. It includes wall climbing and dashing as core mechanics and an in built death counter.

Parkour Prototype

University projects


The creation of a simulation aiming to accurately simulate the predator-prey relationships between three unique populations within a marine environment.

Squad AI

The Squad AI project was completed during my third year for the Advanced Technologies module. This project involved the creation of a squad that would follow player commands in various scenarios.



Tyranny is a board game myself and my group were tasked with making for the 'Play and Games' module at UWE during my second year of studies.


The first project for the Advanced Technology module involved the production of a first-person shooter using C++ and DirectX 11.

Gameplay Programming

For the gameplay programming module, we were tasked with creating a variety of gameplay systems in order to learn more about the role of a gameplay programmer. 



A 2D Action Adventure game based upon Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'. 

Created during my second year for the Low-Level Programming module.

Text Adventure

Recreating the famous Haunted House text adventure in C++ and BASIC.


The first project for the Low-Level Programming module during my second year.